Awareness about Plant Protection Measures by the Paddy and Cotton Growers in Karimnagar District of Telangana State

Navya, D. and Venkataranganaika, K.


The study was conducted in Karimnagar district of Telangana State during 2018-19 to Study awareness of Plant Protection Measures by The Paddy and Cotton growers. Sixty each paddy and cotton growers were selected by using simple random technique. Thus, making a total sample size of 120. The data was collected through personal interview method and analysed by using appropriate statistical tools. From study it was revealed that majority of the cotton growers belonged to low adoption category (43.33%) followed by medium (30.00%) and high adoption (26.66%) categories respectively with respect to plant protection measures and majority of the paddy growers (53.33%) not aware of Plant Protection Measures, followed by 46.64 per cent of the farmers aware of plant protection measures. Whereas in cotton majority of the farmers (65.00%) were not aware of plant protection measures. Whereas 35.00 per cent of cotton growers aware of it. In this study awareness had positive and significant relation with adoption level of paddy and cotton growers with regard to plant protection measures.

Keyword: Adoption; Awareness; Plant protection measures; Paddy; Adoption; Cotton

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