Attitude of the Farm Women Towards Farm Science Centre Scientists in India

Ganesh Das and Sarthak Chowdhury


Attitude is an important component of human being which is influence the acceptability or rejection of the any new technology or information. Scientific agricultural technology dissemination in the grassroots level might be failed due to negative attitude of the farmers or farm women on extension workers or organization. In this study farm women attitude on farm science centre scientist were identified and a further study was conducted on influence of the predictors’ variables of the respondents on their attitude on farm science centre scientist. Ex-post facto research design and both purposive and random sampling method were used for selection of sample respondents. It is found from the study that the variable educational level, size of family, house type, annual income, type of land, irrigated area, livestock possession, material possession, association of the respondents with diff erent organization, social participation, scientific orientation, economic orientation, communication skill, mass media exposure, farm science centre exposure, sources of information, information seeking behavior, information exchange, decision making ability and agricultural knowledge had positively and significantly correlated with the attitude of the farm women towards farm science centre scientist. It is concluded from the study that the predictor variables agricultural knowledge, scientific orientation, information seeking behavior and farm science centre exposure had positively and significantly influenced on attitude of the farm women towards farm science centre scientist.

Keyword: Attitude of farm women; Scientific orientation; Information seeking behavior.

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