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Attitude of Respondents towards KVK Training Programmes

Akhilesh Kumar Dubey, J.P. Srivastava and V.K. Sharma


This study was undertaken with a view to ascertain the level of attitude of the trainees towards KVK training programme as a result of training programmes conducted by Allahabad KVK, implemented by Allahabad Agricultural Institute Allahabad . The study was conducted on 300 respondents selected by random sampling technique from 10 villages covering 4 C.D. blocks of the district. The findings infer that the on-campus trainees have more favorable attitude than the off-campus trainees. This is indicating that the exposure of KVK training programme significantly changed the attitude of farmers in desired direction, which one could obviously expect. It may be stated that policies and plans to improve the adoption of agricultural technologies in India should not overlook the importance of the need to change the incompatible outlooks and view held by those farmers who are considered as traditional and conservative

Keyword: Attitude; On-campus train

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