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Attitude of Farm Women Towards ICT Tools based Extension Services

Shivani Jha, S.K. Kashyap, M.A. Ansari3 V.L.V. Kamswari, Smriti singh and Pragya goswamy


ICT is an important tool that strengthens the extension activities in the current scenario and will bring new information services to rural farmers and farm women which will commence greater communication of information at fast speed. Access to such ICT tools for information is a crucial requirement for the sustainable development of the farming systems. ICT tools improve the linkages between research sub-system and farmer sub-system. In this backdrop a study was conducted to observe if the Udham singh nagar district farm women have a favourable attitude towards the ICT - based extension services. Around 120 respondents were interviewed for the study. All of the farm women owned mobile. The study revealed that majority of the farmers (56.66%) have a favourable attitude towards the ICT-Based extension services whereas, 22.50 % of the respondents have a most favourable attitude. This means that there is a scope for higher usage of ICTs in disseminating the agriculture related information and the farm women need to be aware of the advantages of using the information and communication technologies.

Keyword: ICT; Extension; Attitude; Farm women; Agriculture;

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