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Attitude of Clusterbean Growers Toward Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

Rakesh Kumar , A.K. Jhajharia and Rajnish Kumar


ICTs can be broadly interpreted as technologies that facilitate communication and transmission of information by electronic means. In this study ICTs is operationalised as the use of communication devices or applications by the farmers encompassing mobile phone, Internet, Kisan Call Centres for obtaining information. ICTs can make agriculture more remunerative and a fruitful occupation by providing latest information. It saves money, time and eff orts and reduces dependency on so many factors in the chain of extension. The present study was conducted in Bikaner district of Rajasthan in year 2018 on 80 registered farmers (Users) on one of the ICT portal “” through Agriculture Research Station, Bikaner and 80 non-users. The sample was selected from three tehsils of Bikaner district namely Bikaner, Nokha and Kolayat out of total eight tehsils because these three tehsils having highest number of registered farmers under ICT portal “” and having good area under Cluster bean crop. Further two villages from each tehsil were selected and made a total sample size of 160.The study revealed that 93.75 percent users were found in moderately favourable to more favourable attitude. While 92.50 percent of non-users had moderately favourable to less favourable attitude towards use of ICTs.

Keyword: Attitude; ICT; Information; Internet;; Users.

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