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Attitude and Opinion of the Farmers towards Regulated Market, A Case of Balasore District

Dibyajyoti Behera and Satarupa Modak


A regulated market is set up under the law either for a specific commodity or a group of commodities set up under the APMC Acts of State governments. The main aim of the study is to find out the attitude and opinion of the farmers towards the regulated market in the Balasore district. The study was carried out with a multistage random sampling technique a total number of 90 responding farmers were selected for the study. An ex-post-facto research design was applied for the study. The collected data were classified, tabulated, and analyzed on the basis of the objectives with the intention of making the findings mean. In the study area majority of respondents were having a moderate level of attitude and opinion towards regulated markets, which might be because of poor marketing information, distance from regulated markets, lack of institutional support system, etc. In some parts of the study area, different schemes to improve commodity marketing facilities have been installed by Govt. e-NAM has to go still a far away.

Keyword: Society of Extension Education, Regulated Market, Farmer Opinion, A Case of Balasore

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