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Association of Socio-economic Status with Economic Motivation of the Farmers

D.K. Singh, A.K. Singh, V.P.Yadav, R.B. Singh, R.S. Baghel and Mayank Singh


The study was conducted in Jaunpur District of Uttar Pradesh state to find out the association of socio- economic status with economic motivation of the farmers. 100 contact farmers were selected as respondent. The independent variables, such as caste, education, land holding, social participation and socio-economic status, were measured by the scale of Trivedi (1963). While for economic motivation the scale of Supe (1969) was used for the purpose. Study revealed that majority of farmers belonged to medium socio-economic status followed by 18.0 percent belonged to low socio-economic status, while 16.0 percent farmers possesed high score category of socio economic status. It was observed that except education, age, land holding and socio- economic status have been found to have significant association with economic motivation. Whereas, main source of information of the farmers were the Kisan Sahayak, followed by radio, input dealers and demonstration which was used frequently by the farmers

Keyword: Socio-economic status; Ec

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