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Association of Socio-economic Attributes with Adoption of Clusterbean Technologies

P. Singh, H.L. Jat, and S.K. Sharma


The study was conducted to determine the personal. Socio-economic and psychological characteristics of clusterbean grower and to explore the relationships between selected characteristics of the farmers and extent of adoption. Data were collected through interviewing during the year 2008 from randomly selected of Bikaner and Churu districts of Rajasthan with the sample size of 316 respondents they were cultivating clusterbean for last 5 years. Results indicated that more than half of the respondents were in age group from 31 to above 50 years. Medium level of land holding, social participation, farm assets, achievement motivation and annual income group whereas about half of the respondents were found literate upto middle schooling, credit behaviour and economic motivation. About two-third of respondents were observed in medium level i.e. risk orientation, progressiveness, source of information utilized and extension participation and relatively higher proportion of the respondents had to prefer training medium to high level of received, while majority of the farmers were found in medium level of socio-economic status and partial farming situations respectively. The results of correlation coefficient and multiple regression analysis clearly indicated that the independent variables namely, credit behaviour and economic motivation are essential in making the farmers more adopters because, the two variables affects the adoption process steps

Keyword: Clusterbean; Credit behav

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