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Association between Personal Variable and Utilization Pattern of Social Media among Postgraduate Students

Annu Devi Gora, S. S. Sisodia and Mukesh Choudhary


The present study was conducted at the agriculture university of Rajasthan by selecting three agriculture colleges i.e. RCA, Udaipur, SKNCOA, Jobner and COA, Bikaner purposively. Among these three colleges selected 240 students were selected randomly. The basic information regarding personal characteristics was collected from postgraduate students. To determine the relationship between personality variables and the utilization pattern of social media chi-square test was used. The chi-square value shows that age, educational level, academic performance, and annual family income had a significant relationship between utilization patterns of social media at a 1 percent level of significance. Job aspiration was associated with a 5 percent level of significance. The remaining variables like caste, place of residence, marital status, and type of family does not have any relationship with the utilization pattern of social media.

Keyword: Pattern of Social Media among Postgraduate Students, agriculture university of Rajasthan

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