Assessment of Veterinary Health Care Infrastructure Availability in Karnataka

Channappagouda, B. and Sasidhar, P.V.K.


In pursuit to analyze the veterinary health care infrastructure availability, the study was conducted in two districts of Karnataka state viz., Bijapur and Dharawad by using the judicious mix of primary as well as secondary data. The primary data on availability of various facilities at work places was collected from 67 veterinarians in the study area and the secondary data regarding livestock population and distribution of veterinary institutes was collected from published reports. The results indicated almost one third (39.24% & 27.00%) shortage of institutes against the requirement as per livestock population for effective animal health service delivery in Bijapur and Dharawad districts respectively. Majority of veterinarians were having basic amenities for routine office work except the computer (85.07%) and latest A-V aids (82.08%) while protection cloths mainly masks (64.17%) were not available with majority of them. The transport as well staff quarters were not accessed to its staff apart from inadequate basic veterinary equipment for treatment. The study indicates that the gap existing in terms of institutes as well as facilities at work place needs to be improved for effective livestock service delivery and improved livestock sector performance.

Keyword: Infrastructure; Veterinary equipments; Work place; Veterinarians; Karnataka;

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