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Assessment of Training Needs of Members of Tribal Women SHGs for Agriculture Development

N.M. Chauhan and S.M. Kshirsagar


The study of 100 members of the Tribal Women SHGs from Sinnar taluka of Nashik district revealed that the members in general are not conscious in full of the SHG concepts and latest crop production and marketing technology. The study further revealed that 81 per cent of the respondents suggested providing information on SHG concepts and linkage programme. Seventy-nine per cent suggested arranging village level training programmes on crop production technology of soybean crop, which is now widely accepted short duration high yielding oilseeds crop followed by onion, garlic and tomato cultivation technology by organic farming methods. Marketing of produce attained the top most priority in assessing training needs (76 per cent), followed by plant protection (66 per cent) and manures and fertilizers (61 per cent). Vermi-compost, its preparation and application methods accorded highest response (87 per cent) from the members followed by ITKs (81 per cent) being used in organic farming. Poultry farming ranked first (78 per cent) followed by agro-processing units (71 per cent) in the assessment of training needs. Communication skills ranked first (84 per cent) followed by access to infrastructural facilities like transport, water supply, school, marketing etc (81 per cent). Almost more than two third respondents indicated the training needs on the subjects like, conflict management, self confidence and self worth, participation in local affairs and meetings and community health and sanitation etc.

Keyword: Tribal Women; SHGs; Crop production; Marketing technology; Cultivation technology; Organic farming;

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