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Assessment of Mustard Cultivars on Different Performance Parameters

A.K. Sharma, S. K. Jha, Vinod Kumar, R. C. Sachan4 and Arvind Kumar


The high yielding varieties of mustard played key role in enhancing the production and yield as these crops are grown under low input cultivation. The present investigation was conducted to study the farmers’ perception and performance on different attributes of prevailing mustard varieties. The Semantic Differential Technique was used to know farmers’ perception about selected five mustard varieties. A total of 270 farmers consisting 30 randomly selected farmers from each of the nine panchayat samities of Bharatpur district of Rajasthan were randomly interviewed. The study reported that performance of mustard varieties were not the same in all the areas, which indicated that different varieties were suitable in different agroecological situations or areas. It showed that there was wide variability at field conditions even in the same district. Performance of these varieties varied from region to region and their performances were not same in all the areas of the district. Different panchayat samities showed the suitability of different varieties

Keyword: Perception; Semantic diff

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