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Assessment and Refinement of KMA in Tikamgarh District (M.P.)

Rupendra Kumar, Sunita Mishra, R.S. Kushwah, D.K.Jain and S.V.S. Chauhan


Agriculture being highly skill oriented and technical intensive needed to be given high priority. At present, the ratio of the farmers to the extension worker is 1000 :1 , which is realy very less. Although the appointed Rural Agriculture Extension Officers (RAEOs) disseminating the information without having much accountability. These two issues have created the agency to help and guide the farmers properly. The Kisan Mobile Advisory service has provided to 98 farmers, 85 extension workers and 15 input suppliers of the block during the assessment year. Thus sample constituted 198 respondents during 2008-2009. In 2009-10 and 2010-11 during the refinement of technology KMA has been disseminated in whole district to 600 farmers, 250 RAEOs and 150 input suppliers of the district. Total 85 KMA have been disseminated during 2008-09 and 111 KMA in 2009-10 and 2010-11 the year in different field of Plant Protection (55), Horticulture (44) , Animal husbandry (33) , crop production (32) Soil fertility management (12 and Resource conservation (20) . The KMA sandesh had been disseminated among the respondents on the basis of need and time .The data were analysed with the help of structure schedule from the respondents which made by the researcher. During the assessment year the results showed that cent per cent farmers appreciated the technology in receiving need based information, information received in a few second and the appropriate time of information delivery by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra . The majority of the farmers supported the massage in other statements i.e. strong linkage with KVK (96.00 %) ,KMA work as a reminder (80.00 %) developing information bank (78.00 %) and possible for giving feedback ( 62%) , while in case of other statements i. e. easy to understand (50.00 %) , increase social contact (52%)and save time and money (50.00 %) farmers given their average opinion/ agreement about these statements. 85.00 per cent farmers have demanded the sandesh should be in hindi language instead of Roman English. During the refinement the data revealed that cent per cent farmers appreciated the KMA service in hindi language, while in case of Extension personnel and input supplier have no language problem.

Keyword: Kisan Mobile Advisory (KMA), Information Communication Technology (ICT).

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