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Assessing Effect of Technologies Showcasing Programme on Adoption of the Demonstrated Technologies - A Case of Assam

S.M. Sharma, S. Barman, P.K. Pathak and K. Pathak


“Technology Showcasing Programmeâ€ one of the flagship programme of Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, which was implemented since 2010-11, covering almost all Agro-climatic zones of Assam. The main objective of the programme was to replace farmers’ traditional practices with the recommended cultivation practices of rice and oilseed crop with the help of different stakeholders’ viz., KVKs, ASSCA, and State Department of Agriculture. Keeping in mind the present study was designed to assess the effect of programme in terms extent adoption of demonstrated technologies and to study relationship of socio economic characteristics of farmers with their extent of adoption. All total 120 farmers (60 participants and 60 non participants) were selected randomly from two districts of Assam by following random sampling techniques. The findings reveal that majority of participating farmers (43.33%) had medium level of adoption while 80% non participating farmers grouped into low level of adoption. The two mean difference of adoption level is found statistically significant which indicates positive effect of Technology Showcasing Programme. The extension contact, profitability, productivity and cropping intensity were positively correlated and operational land holding was negatively correlated with extent of adoption of demonstrated technologies of rice and toria. Appropriate selection of farmers for the demonstration by considering land holding size, frequency and nature of extension contact, percentage of cropping intensity enhance adoption of technologies

Keyword: Technology showcasing; Extent of adoption;

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