Arid Vegetable Production Potential and Income Generation

S. R. Meena, T. A. More, D. Singh and I. S. Singh


The present study was conducted in Bikaner district of western Rajasthan. A total of 81 (total sample size) farmers selected for the study using purposive-cum-random methods of sampling. The results of the present study revealed that 37.75 per cent farmers grew different kind of vegetables in hot arid eco-system of Bikaner district during Kharif and Rabi season. Sixty to seventy per cent farmers of the district grew mateera, kachari and snap melon during Kharif season as rainfed crops. At present, the major arid vegetables being grown by the farmers on small scale (0.10 ha) to large scale (2.50 ha) in different cropping systems during Karif and Rabi seasons are mateera (Citrullus lanatus), snapmelon, kachari (cucumis callosus), brinjal, bottle gourd, ridge gourds, clusterbean, round melon, Indian aloe, okra, tomato, chilli, cauliflowers, cabbage, spinach, fenugreek (leaves), coriander (green), carrot, radish, pea, green onion, mustard leaves, sangari (pods) of khejri (Prosopis cineraria), moringa pods, etc. The major vegetable cropping system practiced by the vegetable growers (farmers) in Bikaner district are sole , inter, mixed cropping system and perennial plantation. Mixed cropping is the most prominent system of vegetable growing in arid environment which is practiced by majority (58.25 % of the farmers covering highest area (0.6-2.5 ha). During Rabi season and irrigated conditions, brinjal, cauliflower/cabbage, spinach, fenugreek (leaves), coriander (leaves), carrot, radish, pea, green onion, etc are grown by 33.45 per cent farmers (out of total vegetable growers) on a small scale (0.2- 0.3 ha) as sole crops during Rabi season and bottle gourds, mustard leaves, cauliflowers/ cabbage, chilli, fenugreek, etc. are grown as inter-crops in ber, aonla, citrus/kinnow orchards by only 15.20 per cent farmers on a small scale (0.1-0.2 ha). During the Kharif season, the farmers grow Mateera, snapmelon Kachari bottlegourd, cluster bean, brinjal and Indian aloe on their fields and earn net income from them ranging Rs. 26162 to 41117, per hectare. Incase of Rabi season’s arid vegetables, the farmers are getting net income ranging Rs.33302 to 47380 per hectare

Keyword: Hot arid eco-system

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