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Aptitude of the Programme Coordinators of Krishi Vigyan Kendras of India

Nikulsinh. M. Chauhan


The study was carried out selecting a random sample of 160 Programme Coordinators of five years old KVKs of all the eight zones of India The study reveals that more than half of the programme coordinators of KVKs had high level of planning, communicating, leading, supervising and coordinating ability. Majority of them had medium to high level of organizing capacity, ability of directing their subordinates, and capacity to maintain human relations. Overall extension management ability of them (68%) is found at medium level. The personal variables of programme coordinators such as young age, higher education, well health and rural native place; organizational variables like conducive organizational climate, organizational facility and interpersonal communication; sociopsychological variables like extrovert personality, positive attitudes towards extension work and low level of job stress played significant role on their extension management ability. The positive attitude towards extension work, extrovert personality and favourable organizational climate together accounted 55.70 per cent variation in extension management ability of the programme coordinators of KVKs

Keyword: Administrative aptitude;

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