Analysis of Constraints Facing by Farm Women during Agricultural Activities in Varanasi District (U.P.)

Jyoti Vishwakarma, O.P. Mishra and Dangi Pooja Arun


The study assessed the socio economic profile and constraints in participation of farm women in agricultural activities. Random sampling procedure was used in selecting 120 women who were residents of Varanasi district. Data were collected with a set of structured schedule and were analyzed using mean, percentage and standard deviation. Results indicated that majority of respondents were aged between 32-61 years and were educated till high school. Majority of respondents owned marginal size of land holding and belonged to medium sized family. Maximum number of farm women had medium annual family income between Rs. 50, 000 to 4,00, 000. Major constraint responded by farm women was inadequate technical knowledge.

Keyword: Constraints; Participation; Farm women

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