An Economic Analysis of Goat Rearing in Mahoba District of Bundelkhand Region

A.K. Dixit, and M.K. Singh


The present study has explored goat production economics in Bundelkhand region.Family size has positive<br />correlation with flock size whereas land holding size has negative correlation.Goats were reared mostly as a<br />secondary source of income and flocks were largely medium in size. Major investment was made on purchase of<br />goats followed by shed and equipment. The average investment per goat was Rs.3427. Expenditure on feed- fodder<br />and hired grazing charges were main items of variable cost group. Average gross cost per goat was Rs.1337. The<br />overall net return over variable cost per goat was Rs.1711. Margins in large size flock were higher than the small<br />and medium flock size.

Keyword: Flock size goat economics; Livelihood security; Bundelkhand region

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