An Analytical Study of Reproductive Performance in Gir Cows

Gitam Singh, G. Dutt, R.B.Sharma, S.K. Singh, A. Fatima and S.V.S. Chauhan


Today India stands first in milk production in the world but average consumption is still below the FAO recommended average. Gir is a milch breed, received less attention from development perspectives; hence exploration in improving its production potentiality is required. Reproduction management of livestock is vital to successful dairying, which is governed via several parameters, viz, age at first conception, first service period, first intercalving period, age at first calving and first gestation length, etc. However this study was confined to study the reproductive performance of animals in terms of age at first conception, first gestation length and age of animal at first inter-calving period. This study was conducted to study the reproductive performance in 178 Gir cows at Kasturba Gram Dairy Farm, Indore, on the basis of records available at the farm, for which 24 years data were analyzed and statistically interpreted on two parameters, i.e. periodical (yearly) and seasonal basis. The results reveals that the standard error for all the three parameters, viz., age at first conception, first gestation length and age of animal at first inter-calving period varied within narrow limits during the period 1976-1995 but a high variation was seen during the period between 1995-1999. However there was a non-significant relationship, w.e.f. 1976-1999 for different periods, but there was significant relationship at 5% level among different season for all the parameters, which may be assigned for a number of factors, viz., adopting advance animal husbandry practice, selecting animals of superior quality and modification in management practices during such periods.

Keyword: Gir cows; First intercalving period; Age at first conception; First gestation length; Period;

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