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An Analysis of Social Network Activities of College Students

G. Padmini Devi and Sirisha Deepthi Sornapudi


The present exploratory study was taken up to know about the various social networking sites that students use and the type of information shared by them on them. WhatsApp emerged as the most preferred medium for sharing messages, photos, and videos. There was a significant difference between the use of social media networks and the content shared on them. Content related to music, cooking, and movies were watched on the top three social networking sites namely YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The study found a significant difference between watched social media networks. There exists a significant difference regarding the different contents watched on social media. A significant difference between watched and shared content in different social media networks was also established. The three most important advantages of social media as perceived by the students were convenience in keeping in touch with friends, ease to learn new technology, knowledge of various academic institutions for higher studies across the country. Three disadvantages indicated by the study group were less physical activity, cybercrime, and privacy issues.

Keyword: Social media; College students; Social networking sites.

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