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Agricultural Production Through Milli-Watershed Programme under Rajiv Gandhi Watershed Mission

H.P. Singh, C.P. Pachauri, B.S. Gupta and M.K. Shrivastava


Soil erosion has taken place at very high pace and million of tones of soil have been washed away from hills. The rainfed area which constitutes about 63% percent of the cultivated land account for only 45% of total food production. The National Agriculture Policy of India has emphasized to attain a growth rate of 4% per annum in the Agriculture Sector. So Government of India with the world Bank has started Pilot Project of 5 years duration. Madhya Pradesh is the second largest rain-fed farming state of the country. The water shed programme endeavors to improve and sustain production and productivity in all categories of land

Keyword: Water shed; Awareness; Pa

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