Agricultural Insurance Schemes As a Mitigation Strategy for Climate Change- Problems There Off

Lopamudra Mohapatra, R.K. Dhaliwal and H.S. Dhaliwal


The impact of climatic changes has greater consequences in rural India, due to the higher dependence on agriculture and increasing human and livestock population, degradation of limited natural resources, incidence of pests and diseases, and changing land use pattern. The climate impact could be particularly severe on crop production once it crosses the resilience limit and adaptation level. Increasing frequency, high intensity rainfall, drought, floods, submergence and cyclones etc. are the major visible components of climate change in the recent times. While unfolding the causes of these changes are necessary for deriving mitigation interventions, the strategy for managing their impact on society and on economy is a critical short-term priority. Crop and livestock insurance is one of the institutional mitigation strategies for climate change. So keeping in view the importance of this the problems being faced regarding the Crop and Livestock Insurance Schemes of Crop and Livestock Insurance Schemes in Punjab has been studied. Problems are the difficulties foreseen or faced by the farmers in availing crop and livestock insurance schemes. Statements and questions were prepared and responses were recorded in yes or no form along with open ended questions. The respondents, who availed the Crop Insurance Scheme, opted it, as the compensation was satisfactory and easily available at the cooperative society. The main reason cited for not opting the Crop Insurance Scheme was the non availability of information. The respondents faced the problems like high premium rates, procuring certificate from the veterinary practitioner as a time taking process and direct payment of 50 per cent of the premium as a high amount to be paid. Some of the respondents faced problem in maintaining the ear tag of the cattle where as a small per cent of the respondents faced problem in maintaining the documents for the claim of loss

Keyword: Agricultural Insurance Schemes, Mitigation Strategy, Climate Change- Problems

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