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Agricultural Advice and Decision-Making in the Management of Farms in the Main Dairy Basins of Algeria

Zakia Himeur and Hacene Ikhlef


The study focuses on the involvement of extension services and agricultural advice in decision support for breeders, the Setif and Souk-Ahras dairy basins recognized by cereals, dairy cattle breeding and irrigated crops. A sample of 140 family farms was selected and surveyed between 2017 and 2018. The χ2 Test assessed the supply of advice and sources of information useful in the management farm. The use of the Kruskal-Wallis test demonstrated the level of influence of the agricultural council on the decision-making of breeders by sector of activity in relation to the choice of fodder crops, fertilization, and treatment of fodder crops, increase in milk production, hygiene and disease control, sale of products and seeds, improvement of farm profitability, bookkeeping, information on subsidy programs and irrigation. Analysis of the Post Hoc ranking of our sample reveals 6 groups of breeders in terms of decision support.

Keyword: Main Dairy Basins of Algeria, Management of Farms, Agricultural Advice and Decision-Making of farm

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