V. B. Dixit, A. Bharadwaj, R. K. Sharma and R. K. Sethi


The study was conducted in four adopted villages of Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes and 200 respondents constituted the study sample. It was observed that due to concerted efforts of the institute a sizable proportion of respondents were having favourable opinion about artificial insemination (AI) in buffaloes and about 80 per cent respondents selected for the study had gone for artificial insemination at least once. The study revealed that 55 per cent respondents continued adoption of AI for second and third time while 45 per cent discontinued the practice after availing the facility only once. Data collected on some related issues of artificial insemination indicated that majority of the respondents (63%) waited for bellowing before buffalo was taken for AI. It was also found that majority of respondents were not sure about the right time of artificial insemination. Large per cent of the respondents were of the opinion that the practice was very effective for breed improvement. Regarding problems associated with AI, it was felt by 43 per cent respondents that conception rate achieved through AI was very low. Caste, family education and herd size were positively and significantly associated with the adoption of AI.

Keyword: Buffalo; Adoption of AI

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