Adoption of Watershed Technologies by the Farmers in Morena District of Madhya Pradesh

Anil Kulshrestha, T. S. Kushwaha, Y. K. Singh and D. P. Rai


Extent of adoption of various watershed technologies by the farmers was studied in purposively selected Kheri Nala watershed area situated in Pahargarh block of Morena district of Madhya Pradesh during 2005-06. There was a considerable variation in the extent of adoption of various watershed practices and extent of adoption of vegetative practices was low as compared to the rest of the selected practices. Extent of adoption of watershed technologies was associated with variables like education, size of family, size of land holding, annual income, occupation, attitude towards watershed programme, irrigation and credit facilities, agricultural innovations and communication sources. Illiteracy, lack of capital, complexity of loan procedures, high cost of fertilizers and seeds, lack of training, lack of transport and irrigation facilities were perceived as major constraints in adoption of watershed technologies

Keyword: Watershed technologies; A

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