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Adoption of Recommended Practices of Kharif Groundnut Growers in Saurashtra Zone of Gujarat

Bharat Hadiya, Girish Deshmukh and Minaxi Bariya


Groundnut is a principal crop of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat State and is grown extensively since 1910. However, a wide gap exists between the average yield of common farmers and actual potential yield. The present study was conducted in the South Saurashtra Agro Climatic Zone of Gujarat State using ex-post facto research design. Four talukas were randomly selected and from each selected taluka, three villages were selected randomly. Thus, 12 villages were selected. Total 120 respondents, 10 respondents from each selected village were selected by using multistage random sampling technique with a condition that the farmers should have cultivated kharif groundnut at least since last two years. About 65.83 per cent of the respondents had medium extent of adoption of recommended practices of kharif groundnut. The characteristics of the respondents like education, extension participation, social participation, size of land holding, innovativeness, mass media exposure, risk orientation and cropping intensity had positive and highly significantly association with the adoption of recommended practices of kharif groundnut. The data on practice-wise adoption reveled that the level of adoption was found very high (more than 70%)in practices like, gap filling (rank I), interculturing (rank II), preparatory tillage (rank III), sowing distance (rank IV), seed rate (rank V), weed control (rank VI) and FYM / compost application (rank VII).

Keyword: Adoption; Association; Groundnut

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