Adoption of Recommended Mandarin Orange Production Practices

A. P. Phuse, A. K. Vitonde and C.D.Thipse


The present investigation was carried out in an Amravati district of Vidharbha region and found that The Progressive farmers of the village were found to be the most credible source of information for the orange growers. The soil type and use of planting; recommended rootstock use; Application of fertilizer doses and irrigation practice; Total no of irrigation, method of application for manures were the practices partially adopted by more than half of the respondents. However, it could further be seen that majority of the respondents did not adopt the important improved cultivation practices such as; proper harvesting time for fruit (T.S.S: Acidity ratio) was (81.50%) and up to 44% respondent did not adopt the proper time of harvesting. It is due to they can’t take the risk in market, as well as lack of awareness but they are totally dependent up on mediator .The required Caco3 and soil pH contain in soil for planting was don’t known to 60.50% and 55% respondent respectively. It is also seen that (54.50%) respondent’s did not follow soil testing at the time of planting as well as at bearing stage. So, there is a need to adopt the full-improved recommended package of practices for increasing the productivity with quality in mandarin orange

Keyword: Orange growers; Adoption;

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