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Adoption of Post Harvest Crop Processing Machines for Increased Cassava and Maize Production: A Food Security Measure for Poo

Augustine J. Udoh


A bulk of harvested cereals, legumes and tubers are lost in Nigeria through poor harvesting, poor methods of threshing and limited facilities for drying and storage. A study was conducted to investigate the factors affecting adoption of small scale post harvest cassava and maize processing machines in rural Nigeria. A multi stage sampling technique was used for selection of respondents. Data were collected from 197 crop processors with structured questionnaire and focus group discussion (FGD). Inferential statistics were used for analysis of data. The study revealed that crop processing in Akwa Ibom State in rural Nigeria is dominated by small poor resource processors. Analysis with a probit model also revealed that income, labour availability, rural electrification, extension contact and spare parts are the factors influencing the adoption of cassava processing machines. Similarly, income, membership in cooperative societies, technical skills, urban and extension contacts, quantity of maize for processing and spare parts also influenced adoption of maize processing machines. Extension subject matter specialists in technical skills and maintenance of processing machines are required at the cell level in the farming communities

Keyword: Adoption, post harvest, m

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