Adoption of Improved Sheep Husbandry Practices among the Raika Pastoralists of Marwar Region of Rajasthan

Deepak Chand Meena , Sanchita Garai, Sanjit Maiti , B.S. Meena , Akshita Chadda and Madhu Latha C.


Raika is the most important pastoralist of India which is inhabiting in Rajasthan and highest livestock herder in the India. They used to migrate up to nine month a year and covered almost 1200 km journey. They usually adopted traditionally practices for rearing of their animal keeping this in mind the present study was conducted in Marwar region of Rajasthan to assess the adoption of improved sheep husbandry practices among Raika pastoralists. A total 120 respondents were subjected to structured interview schedule. The study revealed that regarding improved sheep husbandry practices was concerned half of the respondents (50.49%) possessed low level of adoption followed by medium (27.61%) and high (21.90%). Duration of migration, mass media exposure and expenditure on livestock had shown significant correlation at p<0.01 and at p<0.05. All-inclusive extension approach needs to be taken up considering all the factors which can boost the adoption level of improved practices and respondents are required to be exposed to as many as cosmopolite sources of information as possible, to make them aware of improved sheep husbandry practices.

Keyword: Sheep; Adoption; Raika pastoralist; Rajasthan.

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