Adoption of Homestead Technologies of Rajendra Agricultural University by Rural Women of Bihar

Veenita Kumari and R. Vasantha


Adoption is a decision making process which is influenced by many socio-personal, economic, communicational, psychological and situational variables. Adoption of technologies in rural areas is affected by many factors like farming situation, resource availability, needs and aspirations of the rural women having different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, etc. Hence an attempt was made in this study to find out the factors which affect adoption behaviour of rural women about homestead technologies of RAU. The study was conducted on 225 rural women who were exposed to the nine selected homestead technologies from three districts of Bihar viz. Samastipur, Muzaffarpur and Vaishali. The independent variables occupation, family income, information source utilization, economic motivation, innovativeness, rural customs, market intelligence, input availability and institutional support of the respondents were positively and significantly associated whereas age was negatively associated with the extent of adoption of homestead technologies. The variables occupation, information source utilization and rural customs were positively and significantly contributing to the extent of adoption of homestead technologies by the respondents

Keyword: Adoption; Socio-personal; Homestead technologies;

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