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Adoption of Harvest Management Practices by Onion Growers in Haryana

Amit, B.S. Ghanghas and V.P.S. Yadav


Crop production consists of various cereals, pulses, oilseeds, commercial crops, and horticulture crops. Keeping the importance of vegetable production in view, this study was carried out in Mewat and Ambala districts of Haryana state to find out onion growers’ adoption level of pre and post-harvest practices and also to identify the constraints encountered by them in the adoption of pre and post-harvest management practices. The results of the study showed that the majority of the onion-growing farmers have fully adopted practices such as proper transportation, weed control measures, time of sowing in the nursery and time of transplanting, recommended seed rate, and cultivars. The lack of finance for the purchase of inputs, the high price of pesticides, and the non-availability of skilled labour at transplanting and harvesting were major input-related constraints faced by farmers. Similarly, among market-related constraints, the lack of remunerative MSP policy by the government was reported very serious market-related constraint by onion farmers followed by middleman malpractices, wide price fluctuations, and a lack of marketing facilities in the village. The government should make concerted efforts with the active participation of other stakeholders in devising remunerative MSP policy and its implementation, affordable prices of insecticides and pesticides, and capacity building of field functionaries and farmers on post-harvest management practices along with plant protection measures to make the enterprise profitable as well sustainable.

Keyword: Adoption; Constraints, Harvest management practices, Onion growers

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