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Adoption of Farming Systems Approach to Increase Farmers' Income in Tarai Region of Uttar Pradesh

Rishi Kumar Singh, R.K. Doharey, Kamal Kumar, H.P. Singh, M. Dutta


Revealed that the farmers of the study aria in adoption level followed the important practices of improving farming systems and livestock. Majority of the respondents were found category of seeds in sub category Certified seed, Local/ resistant varieties 97.5 per cent and Improved seed 89.05 per cent high level adoption of farmers in the increase income. Adoption was higher for farmers and increased farms income in use practices of Manures 97.5 per cent. The practice-wise adoption was calculated, and it found that procedures related to farming obtained more Adoption of the of low-level goat healthcare management practices of goat farming in sub category, Personal hygiene 8 per cent, keeping sick in dry and clean place 9.75 per cent, Regular deworming 5.75 per cent and consult veterinary doctors immediately when sick 32.75 per cent. Among the characteristics examined, education, income and marketing orientation showed a highly significant and positive correlation with adoption levels. The study presents a suggestion that strategies aimed to encourage adoption should consider the interconnection of the various technologies. In order to reduce partial adoption, it is also necessary to provide farmers who cannot afford the cost of inputs with support in the form of input subsidies.

Keyword: Adoption; Tarai region; Farming system approach; Uttar Pradesh; Income.

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