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Adoption oF Drudgery Reducing Tools among Farm Women

Nisha Tiwari , Rajshree Upadhyay and Aishwarya Dudi


Agriculture has an important role in the Indian economy and most of the agricultural operations are done by farm women which show that they are the major workforce in agriculture right from sowing to harvesting. Women are the backbone of agricultural work force because they perform more than 79% of farm activities such as seeding, transplanting, weeding, fertilizer application, plant protection, thinning, harvesting, processing, shelling, winnowing, storing, etc. The research study was conducted in purposively selected four villages Gunia, Belagardha, Burhu and Khambhiya (Gharghra block) of Gumla District because demonstrations on drudgery reduction tools were conducted in these villages. Farm women of these villages were also distributed with drudgery free tools and equipments like groundnut decorticator, improved sickle and maize sheller. From four selected villages, a sample size of one hundred twenty farm women (thirty from each village) were included under study. An interview schedule was used to collect data on stated objectives which consist of questions pertaining to personal and socio-economic characteristics of the respondents, awareness and adoption of drudgery reduction tools and implements. It was found that majority (64.16%) of farmwomen had high level of awareness about drudgery reducing tools and implement (groundnut decorticator, improved sickle and maize sheller) followed by medium level (20.83%) and (15%) low level and majority (56.66%) of farmwomen had high level of adoption of drudgery reducing tools and implements.

Keyword: Awareness; Adoption and Drudgery Reducing Tools, Farm women,

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