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Adoption Level of Scientific Poultry Rearing in Ri-Bhoi District of Meghalaya.

David T.Sun , Monosri Johari , Leema Bora and Sadananda Payeng


To study the relationship between socio economic status and adoption level of scientific poultry rearing in Meghalaya exploratory research was conducted in Bhoirymbong and Umsning block, where a total of 100 farmers has been considered for the study. A pre-tested interview schedule was developed and data were collected through interview technique. The results showed that the relationship of adoption level by the poultry farmers with their socio-economic status, correlation coefficients were calculated which indicated that in the pooled sample adoption level exhibited positively and highly significant relationship with education (r=0.333**, P<0.01) and extension contact (r=0.258**, P<0.01) whereas mass media exposure (r=0.224*, P<0.05) and farm size (r=0.202*, P<0.05) exhibited positively significant relationship with adoption level. Annual income from other source (r = -0.409**, P<0.01) showed negatively and highly significant relationship with adoption level. Family size (r = -0.218*, P<0.05) exhibited negatively significant relationship with adoption level. Majority (94.00 %) of the respondents adopted intensive system with total confinement in the poultry shed followed by (6.00 %) semi-intensive system.

Keyword: Society of Extension Education, Poultry farmers, Rearing Pattern, Scientific Poultry

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