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Adoption Level of Scientific Dairy Farming Practices by Dairy Farmers of Haryana

Satyavir Singh, Ram Kumar and B.S. Meena


A study on adoption level of scientific dairy farming practices by dairy farmers of Haryana state was conducted with a sample of 200 cooperative dairy farmers who were the regular members of Milk Producers’ Co-operative Societies for the last three years. The study was confined in the Kurukshetra and Karnal Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Limited, Karnal at Kurukshetra. The study reveals that majority of the farmers (69.50 %) had medium level of overall adoption of scientific dairy farming practices. However, the maximum percent of adoption by the dairy farmers (80.91 %) were found to be in case of the animal feeding practices followed by breeding practices (68.41 %), health care practices (67.12 %) and management practices (66.45 %) with the overall mean adoption of 70.75 per cent of overall scientific dairy farming practices. The further analysis of variance indicated that there was a significant difference (F-value=3.390) of adoption between various dairy farming practices groups, viz., dairy breeding, dairy feeding, dairy health care and dairy management practices

Keyword: Adoption; Breeding; Dairy

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