Adoption Level Association of Farmers regarding Recommended Tomato Production Practices in Haryana

Neelam Kumari, Pardeep Kumar Chahal, Abhilash Singh Maurya, Naaz Bano and Sanyogita Dhanwal


The vegetable sector plays a vital role in farm income enhancement and alleviation of poverty in many developing countries, whereas tomato is one of the vegetable crops that has a high demand throughout the world. The annual production of fresh tomatoes accounts to approximately 180 million tonnes. Thus, the present study was carried out in four districts viz., Nuh Sonipat, Gururgram and Palwal of Haryana state, so as to know the adoption level of farmers. Primary data on tomato growers was collected by applying purposive and systematic random sampling procedures for the selection of districts and respondents. The investigation was focused on the adoption level of the farmers regarding improved production practices of tomato. Results from the present study reveals that majority (55.63%) of the respondents were having medium level of economic motivation followed by high economic motivation. Results also revealed that out of 13 variables selected to study the relationship, six variables, viz., education, mass media exposure, economic motivation, innovativeness and experience showed positive and age showed negative correlation at 5 per cent level of probability. Whereas, multiple regression analysis between selected independent variables and adoption level of the respondents inferred that, all the eleven variables together contributed 51.20 per cent variation in the adoption level of the farmers about production technology/practices of tomato cultivation.

Keyword: Tomato production; Economic motivation.

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