Adoption Level and Constraints Faced by Mushroom Cultivators in Uttarakhand

Arpita Sharma Kandpal


Mushroom demand has huge growth all over the World due to its nutritional and medicinal qualities. In order to identify the constraints in mushroom cultivation, a study was undertaken in Nainital District of Uttarakhand state. A total of 100 respondents from Nenital district of Uttarakhand were selected for the study. Data was collected through telephonic interview. Online Discussion was also organized on Goggle meet. To fi nd out the constraints faced by mushroom cultivators, Garrett’s ranking technique was used. Garrett’s Ranking Technique provides the constraints into numerical scores. The advantage of this technique is that the problems are arranged based on their harshness from the point of view of respondents. Data was collected through telephonic interview. The study reveals that majority of respondents were middle age group and educated up to medium level. All the respondents were using mobile phone and television for taking the information. Majority of respondents were using WhatsApp and You tube as social media. Majority of respondents (45%) were using fresh spawn and recommended seed rate (44%) and purchasing spawn from Govt Agency (64%). Majority of respondents had medium level of adoption rate in use of wheat straw (56%), Knowledge of Sanitation (67%). The results of constraints analysis revealed that problem of marketing was found as a significant constraint (Score 59.02), followed by lack of transportation facilities (Score 58.88) for mushroom cultivation and lack of technical knowledge (Score 56.99). Therefore, training of farmers on the mushroom cultivation is needed. Financial support from banking institutions on the subsidized rate is also required to set up mushroom units.

Keyword: Garret ranking; Constraints; Mushroom Cultivation; Mushroom cultivators.

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