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Adoption Behaviour of Vegetable Growers towards Improved Technologies

P. K. Singh, K.K. Barman and Jay G. Varshney


The average productivity of majority of the vegetables in India is lower (12 t/ha) compared to that in other agriculturally developed countries of the world. It could be enhanced through adoption of improved technologies including weed management. The knowledge of farmers about vegetable varieties and their behaviour in adopting these varieties and other technologies including weed management have been assessed. This study is based on a total sample of 100 farmers selected randomly in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh. A majority of the farmers are reported to have high and medium level knowledge of improved technologies of tomato and cauliflower cultivation. However, only 17 per cent in Sihora and 35 per cent in Panager Blocks of Jabalpur district are reported to be high adopters of the improved technologies including weed management in Cauliflower. A majority of the farmers have expressed that lack of control measures for weed, leaf curl in tomato, high cost of pesticide and fertilizer, lack of marketing, impure seeds and chemical, timely labour availability as the major reasons for non-adoption of improved technologies. A significant correlation between extension contact and knowledge and adoption of improved technology has been found. It is suggested that there is a need to strengthen communication methods like TV and radio by extending the duration of farm programs and providing specialized training to the growers. Research efforts should be strengthened to develop multiple disease, pest and weed-resistant varieties and direct supply of these varieties to farmers. It is observed that co-operative farming may solve the problem of small farmers in respect to post-harvest management and value-addition

Keyword: Behaviour; Adoption; Vegetables

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