Adoption Behaviour of the Farmers Towards Draught Bullocks in South India

N. Akila and Mahesh Chander


When motorized power brings many benefits, animal power is normally more available and affordable to people in rural areas and fragile environments. The farmers especially the small farmers still depend on bullocks for agriculture and allied activities and the efficiency of the bullocks depend on the extent of suitable management practices followed by the farmers. To assess this, a study has been carried out to assess the adoption behaviour of farmers in the management of draught bullocks with the sample size of 210 farmers (70 small, 70 medium and 70 large farmers) from seven districts of Tamil Nadu selected, based on the highest bullock population in each zone. The degree of adoption was measured on the management practices on feeding, housing, harness, health, welfare and implements. The adoption level of the respondents was measured by the adoption index. The overall adoption behaviour of the farmers showed that majority of them were partial adopters (52.86%) followed by high adopters (25.71%) and low adopters (21.43%) with the mean score of 49.70

Keyword: Bullocks; Adoption; Farme

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