Adoption Behavior of Rural Youth towards Dairy Farming Practices

Sandeep Sharma , Sanjeev Kumar Singh , Amit Singh and Rashmi


This study was conducted in the Dholpur district of Rajasthan to assess the adoption behavior of rural youth involved in dairy farming practices. Data were collected from 120 respondents belonging to five blocks of Dholpur district with the help of a structured interview schedule to study improved animal husbandry practices. Findings revealed that the majority of respondents (52.50%) were having a medium level of adoption, whereas 25.83% had a low level and 21.67 % had a high level of adoption for various animal husbandry practices. A high level of adoption was observed in feeding (54.14%) followed by breeding (38.43%), disease control & health care practices (36.79%), management (36.77%) and housing practices (34.08%) while the lower level of adoption was seen in milking (24.05%). The lower level of adoption in milking and housing practices reveals regular and continuous training and awareness programs regarding animal health care and management practices in order to enhance the level of adoption for various animal husbandry practices so that sustainable livelihood security of livestock owners can be attained.

Keyword: Adoption; Dairying; Decision making; Rajasthan; Rural youth; Animal husbandry;

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