Achievement Motivation in Vegetable Growers

Arun Kumar Sharma, D. Uma Maheshwer Rao and Lakhan Singh


Achievement motivation is important to excel in one’s personal life, community or social work and to influence the environment is very much needed to achieve development. The farmers of hill regions, especially the vegetable growers, have an opportunity to sell their off-season vegetables in far away urban markets of the plains in difficult situations. They even get better prices as the demands of consumers continue even after the vegetable season is over in the plains. Vegetable growers are to be organized for marketing their produce. With this in view, a study was carried out with the objective to analyze the level of achievement motivation of vegetable growers of Himachal Pradesh. 210 farmers were studied that grow tomato, paper bell, peas, ginger, french bean and cauliflower and market these vegetable crops. A projective technique called TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) type instrument developed by Mehta (1976) was used to measure the achievement motivation of vegetable growers. The study concluded that a majority of vegetable growers were medium achievement motivated. Half of the respondents were having personal achievement oriented influence. Majority of vegetable growers were found poor in expressing their strength, anticipated action and anticipating vigilance. A well designed training course can improve their level of achievement motivation

Keyword: Achievement motivation; V

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