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Access of Tecnological Inputs for Sustainable Cultivation in Drylands

V.P.S.Yadav, H.K.Verma, R.S.Dalal, D.K.Shivrain, A.K.Godara and Rashmi Yadav


The productivity of dryland crops depend upon the availability of inputs with the farmers. Rapeseed-mustard, Gram and Bajra are the major crops of Rabi and Kharif season, respectively, in dryland farming zone of South –West of Haryana .The study highlighted that the inputs in rapeseed and mustard such as nitrogenous fertilizers, high yielding variety seeds and phosphatic fertilizers were available as per recommendation with 81.25, 75.00 and 62.20 per cent of farmers, respectively. The inputs, namely, knapsack sprayer, biofertilizer and bullock pair, seed cum fertilizer drill, camel, wheel hand-hoe for mechanical weeding and farm yard manure were not available with 93.75, 87.50, 81.25, 75 and 71.87, 53.12 per cent of farmers, respectively. None of the farmers had inputs like battery operated low volume sprayer and ridger seeder. In Gram, the inputs such as nitrogenous fertilizers men/ women labour (for spraying, harvesting and collection of bundles, threshing and winnowing) and phosphatic fertilizers were available as per recommendation with 76.27, 64.41 and 61.01 per cent of farmers, respectively. The inputs such as farm yard manure, high yielding variety seeds, nitrogenous and phosphate fertilizers, men/women labour were available with all the bajra growers. The inputs namely, ridger seeder, bullock pair, seed-cum-fertilizer drill, wheel hand-hoe and bio- fertilizers were not available with majority of farmers .The level of availability of inputs with a majority of rapeseed -mustard growers was medium (68 per cent). In gram, it was low with 80 per cent of farmers. The availability of inputs in cultivation of bajra was medium with 59 per cent of farmers21

Keyword: Dryland; Bio-fertilizer;

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