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A Study on People’s Participation in Irrigation Tank Management Project in Raichur District of Karnataka State

S.B. Goudappa, A.M. Benki, B.S. Reddy and S. Surekha


The Investigation was carried out in the year 2010-11 to ascertain the impact of people participation and irrigation management practices on crop productivity and income of farmers in six villages of Raichur Tahsil viz., Hoogenhalli, Donga Rampur , Kurabdaddi, Chandrabunda, Mandalgara and Arasigera of Raichur district revealed that, the positive and significant impact of tank rehabilitation on crop productivity was observed with 34.14 per cent increase in cotton yield (per acre) after tank rehabilitation. Similarly 21.79, 25.80 and 32.38 per cent increase were observed in sri method of paddy, ground nut and sunflower yield (per acre), respectively. The socio-economic characteristics of the respondents such as age, per capita income, change proness, mass media exposure, extension contact and social participation were found significant correlation with crop productivity. There was positive and significant impact of community based tank management project on farmer’s income. The per cent of farmers belongs high income group (above Rs 51, 000) was doubled after rehabilitation (20% to 40%). Similarly the per cent of farmers belonging to low income group (below Rs. 17,000) was reduced after tank rehabilitation (13.33% to 5.83%) activities undertaken in the project area.

Keyword: Irrigation Tank Management; Raichur; Crop productivity.

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