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A Study on Decision Making Ability of The Rural Women on Farm Management

Ganesh Das


Farm women decision is an important factor for agricultural management. In India majority of the agricultural workers were women. There are different factors are present which is influence the decision-making ability of the women farmers. Keeping this in view the present study was conducted to fi nd out the decision-making ability of the rural women on agricultural management and factor influencing on this decision. The study was conducted in North Bengal region of India with the help of ex post facto research design. It was found from the study that majority of the farm women jointly take farm decision with the male members of the family, decision making ability level was medium and the independent variables information exchange, constraints, communication skill, sources of farm information, land holding, scientific orientation and farm knowledge are the crucial factor of decision-making skill of the rural women on farm management.

Keyword: Farm women; Decision; Information exchange; Communication skill; Farm knowledge.

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