A Scale to Measure Knowledge Level of Dairy Farmers Affected by Kerala Flood 2018 On Disaster Preparation

L. Arun and R. Senthilkumar


Kerala is the worst affected by the flood disaster in August 2018. The dairy sector was one of the worst affected by the loss of dairy animals and milk production. In this context, it is imperative that the dairy farmers are sensitized and trained to face future disasters confidently. With this background, the present study was contemplated to develop and standardize a scale for measuring dairy farmers’ knowledge on disaster preparation. A total of 52 statements were collected after referring to literature and discussion with experts. The prepared 52 items were sent for the judge’s relevancy rating. After the relevancy test, 17 items were selected and were subjected to sixty respondents who are flood-affected dairy farmers. The respondents’ total knowledge score was calculated. Using the scores Difficulty Index, Discrimination Index and Point Biserial Correlation were calculated. A total of 10 items that fulfilled all the requisite criteria were selected for the final Knowledge scale. The validity of the knowledge test was established through content validity. The reliability of the test was determined by the Cronbach alpha coefficient of reliability test after administering the test to 40 flood-affected dairy farmers. The present developed scale shows better reliability and has a strong and positive correlation between all the items. The test so developed could be used for assessing the knowledge level of dairy farmers on disaster preparation.

Keyword: Dairy farmers; Difficulty index; Discrimination index; Point bi serial Correlation; Cronbach alpha.

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