A Scale to Measure Extension Personnel’s ‘Attitude towards ATMA’ under Extension Reform in India

D. Bortamuly and P.K. Das


A scale was developed to measure the attitude of the extension personnel towards ATMA based on Likert ’s technique. Tentative lists of 60 statements were drafted keeping in view the applicability of statements suited to the area of study. The statements collected were edited in the light of the informal criteria suggested by Thur stone and Chave (1929), and Edward and Kilpatrick(1948). These statements were framed in such a way that they expressed the positive or negative attitude. There was no scale available to measure the attitude of the extension personnel towards ATMA. The present study was contemplated to develop and standardize the same. The final scale consists of 20 statements and the reliability and validity of which indicates its precision and consistency of the results. This scale can be used to measure the ’ attitude beyond the study area with suitable modifications

Keyword: Attitude scale; ATMA; Extension reform; Likert’s summated rating; Item analysis; Reliability; Validity

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