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A Scale to Measure Attitude of Farmers Towards Vermiculture Technology

K.I. Pordhiya, B.P. Singh, Mahesh Chander and Jayant Goyal


An attitude scale was constructed to measure the attitude of farmers towards vermiculture technology. Likert’s summated rating was followed for the development of the attitude scale. A total of 40 statements were screened after obtaining a relevancy score from expert’s judgment and given to vermiculture farmers of the non-sample area of Hamirpur district, Uttar Pradesh. Based upon ‘t’ value obtained for each statement, finally, 16 statements were chosen to have 8 positive and 8 negative statements. The reliability and validity of the scale indicate its precision and consistency of the results. The developed Scale is well suitable to measure the attitude of farmers towards vermiculture technology beyond the study area in the future.

Keyword: Attitude; Farmers; Vermiculture Technology; Reliability & Validity.

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