A Measurement Tool for the Assessment of Farmers’ Perception about Impact of Changing Climate on Agriculture in India

Rohit Shelar , A. K. Singh and Saikat Maji


Changing climate is a serious environmental problem affecting agricultural productivity at global level. It is important to study the perceptions of farmers’ towards changing climate and its impact on agriculture as it is one of the strong interpreters of changing farmers’ behaviour to mitigate climate change and adopt adequate and appropriate measures to ensure agricultural production. For the construction of the scale to measure the farmers’ perception, summating rating method suggested by Likart (1932) was followed. Based on review of literature 79 statements were enlisted initially and 21 statements were finalized for the final construction of the scale. The reliability and validity of the scale was calculated to find out the precision and consistency of the results. This scale will be helpful for interested policy makers, academicians and researchers who willing to study the farmers’ perceptions about climate change and its impact on agriculture.

Keyword: Agriculture; Climate change; Impact, Perception; Scale.

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