A Critical Analysis of Interactions Among Different Sub System of Dairy Development in Haryana

V. B. Dixit, S. N. Laharia & A. Bharadwai


The study was conducted in four districts of Haryana namely; Sonepat, Kurukshetra, Sirsa and Mohindergrah. The respondents of the study were 240 farmers, 50 scientists, 50 field functionaries and 12 administrators and planners. The relevant back ground information of the farmers, scientists, field functionaries and administrators was collected. The study indicated that existing as well as desired interaction of farmers with different sub-systems was significantly more in developed villages. Farmers, scientists, field functionaries and administrators also desired significantly more interaction than the existing one through their present modes only. The modes of interaction used, as well as desired ones by the farmers and field functionaries are the same. However, in other cases, there were differences in the modes used and preferred by them. The information sources, are therefore, required to use the methods of interaction which are preferred by the recipients of the information.

Keyword: Interaction, Sub System, Dairy

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