COMPENDIUM, IEEC-2023   ( ISBN : 978-81-967860-4-5 )
Theme-3: Bio-diversity and Resource Conservation, Livelihood and Food Security towards Sustainable Agri-food Systems

Scope of Organic Seed Spices in Changing Scenario

Gopichand Singh and Sumitra Banboria

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nagaur-1, Agriculture University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan


The seed spices are used not only for flavouring and seasoning food but also for various cosmetic, perfumery and pharmaceutical purposes. India has been exporting seed spices and its value-added items to 70 countries in the world and is earning a foreign exchange of more than Rs. 362 crores annually. In the recent past the focal point of export has shifted towards organic products of spices. The growing awareness of health globally has led to the demand for organically produced seed spices as they are free from chemical residues and health hazards. The production of organic seed spices in India is still in its infancy, and the main category of produced spices receives the majority of the credit for organic spice exports. Primarily in the arid to semi-arid regions including Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh, seed spices are grown organically. Due to a lack of scientific data on adequate production technology, effective plant protection strategies, and specific varieties for organic production, the organic production of seed crops for spices has not gotten off to a fast start. Organic farming is not a new, scientific and organized production of organic spices. Among the total turnover of organic products from India to the world export basket, the contribution of spices was only about 1 per cent, till now. Massive regions of spice farms that employ synthetic fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, processing inputs, etc. without restriction are a major deterrent to early acceptance of organic conversion of these already-cultivated lands. Soon, the situation will improve more due to the provision of subsidies for organic inputs, the scaling up of organic production strategies, and the development of well-connected market intelligence.

IEEC-2023 at RARI (SKNAU, Jobner), Jaipur, Rajasthan organised by Society of Extension Education, Agra, India